Vasa Financing Corporation (Pty) Ltd trading as Stellar Transport.

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Trading since the year


Vasa Financing Corporation (Pty) Ltd trading as Stellar Transport has been trading since the year 2000. Specialists in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous products, all vehicle specifications and type of transport offerings will be detailed on request by the customer.

Vehicles designed for the transportation of hazardous products shall, wherever possible and/or practical, include requirements of legislation, in accordance to SANS codes 1518 quality, environmental management, health, safety, noise emissions, air emissions, and any other specific requirements which is required by the customer for the transportation of dangerous goods by road.

We provide drivers who are competent and have undergone extensive training to ensure compliance with regards to the safe transportation of dangerous goods. Stellar Transport has a management safety system required by the industry known as SQAS-Africa (Safety, Quality Assessment Systems); implemented in the year 2003.

The directors, who all have over 40 years of experience in the transport industry; through their previous company which was sold in 1997 to a listed company delivered logistic solutions to clients such as De Beers Consolidated Mines, Debswana, Engen Petroleum and Macsteel; Stellar Transport started operations in the year 2000 to service deliveries of bulk dangerous goods on behalf of the manufacturers of the products to deliver to the end user.   

A tribute to the founders Augusto D’Alessio, Domenico D’Alessio and the late Santé D’Alessio and the late Antonio Damilano who have encouraged sustainability through experience and encompass a core value of quality service which has been mentored and filtered into the business.

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Our Mission Statement 

Driven to provide expert transportation and logistics services while ensuring the highest quality of customer service –safely and efficiently.

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  • Our Capabilities

    With years of expertise and hard earned insights, we expertly manage the movement of goods on behalf of clients between specified sources and destinations – skilfully navigating road transportation. Our customised solutions encompass the multidimensional fields of integrated freight management, contract logistics and market access services. Alongside our clients, we collaboratively design and deliver solutions that deliver an invaluable competitive edge.

  • Our industry

    We focus on the transportation of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous products. Our experience and unrivalled ability to customise solutions for our customers ensures the ongoing relevance and competitiveness of our clients in these demanding and dynamic industries.

  • Transport Services

    Dry Bulk Tanker Transport (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous)

    Auger Bulk Tanker Transport (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous)

    Bulk Liquid tanker transport (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous)

    Flatbeds: Tri-axle trailers / Interlink trailers (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous)

    Enclosed Box Body Vans (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous)

  • Safety & Health

    Stellar Transport has committed itself and all its employees to a strict Health and Safety Policy. This has been implemented at the highest levels in the company and is adhered to by all employees. The policy works hand in hand with our principals and policies which are part and parcel of our SQASAfrica program implemented in the year 2003.

    Stellar Transport is a member of the Chemical & Allied Industries Association (CAIA) and is a signatory to the Responsible Care program. The company has been assessed on the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS-Africa) – audit result.
    Stellar Transport is listed on the CAIA website as a preferred transporter for the chemical industry.


    Stellar Transport is fully committed to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

    Ensuring the safety of our staff, families, clients, business partners and countries in which we operate remains our priority. We have implemented stringent measures to protect our people from infection and save the lives of hundreds of thousands more.

    Operating within the SADC regions of Southern Africa, Stellar Transport is essential to the transportation and distribution of essential products and services in our markets of operation. We will continue to support our people, valued clients, business partners and our countries of operation through our best endeavours to ensure that the impacts on our supply chains are minimal.

  • Quality Of Serivce and Offerings

    Stellar Transport has a purpose built depot situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg and in Sasolburg, Free State where all vehicles are serviced,washed and maintained. The company has taken the decision to operate fully equipped workshop facilities and wash bays from both depots.

    We subscribe to a vigorous maintenance schedule, including preventative maintenance checks, daily vehicle defect reporting and inspections. All the drivers are issued with industry standard Personal Protective Equipment in order to carry out their duties, safely to prevent any injuries on duty. The drivers are issued with branded overalls and are aware that their actions are a reflection on our company. Additional precautions have been undertaken during the COVID-19 Pandemic, where all our vehicles are fumigated and sprayed with disinfectants on return from each trip. Drivers are issued with face masks, surgical gloves and hand sanitizers. Pre dispatch precautions where temperature testing and screening of each employee is done prior to dispatch.

    The technical staff have been trained by our agents and manufacturers in order to equip Stellar Transport maintenance team with the knowledge to carry out servicing at the correct intervals as prescribed by SAN10231 Maintenance Policy. Ensuring that all Operations Personnel and Maintenance staff have a clear understanding of the requirements as per manufacturer specifications.

    In addition to this we have two breakdown units with qualified mechanics to tend to on the road mechanical breakdowns. Our staff works on a shift basis, and can attend to vehicles 24 hours per day. The vehicles would be subjected to our standard procedures with regards to maintenance, washing and driver relief on a rotation basis in conjunction with work schedules and delivery demand.

  • Planning and communications

    Tracking reports are updated daily for all customer deliveries, any queries and operational issues are resolved timeously and professionally. The assigned operations controllers will update customers regularly until the consignment is off-loaded at the customer site.

    All vehicles are monitored with live tracking and in-cab and front facing cameras. The camera technology informs all controllers and management with regards to driver transgressions, events are reported to assist with Behaviours Based training and ensure our drivers are compliant with regards to safe driving practices

  • Operation principles

    Efficient cost effect mechanisms, not compromising quality of service. Focus on the needs of our customers to ensure the highest service satisfaction levels, while encompassing ethical and honest business principles in all our business activities.
    To assure market related competitiveness and consistent and sustainable profitability.

    Effective streamlined systems and procedures in all departments of the company, which are customer focused and add quality and value to the services offered.

    An integrated electronic transportation management system, focusing state of the art tracking and security to maintain the integrity of the customer’s product.

    Sufficient insurance cover for all un planned incidents and accidents insurance and an up to date letter of good standing with regards to the workers compensation and SARS

    Preventative maintenance and defect reporting to ensure optimal vehicle availability and reliability.

    High quality drivers who are well remunerated and incentivized to add value to the company.

    Legal operating standards with regards to speeding, payloads, driver hours, vehicle roadworthiness, traffic regulations and general appearance.

    Consistent focus on training of drivers and staff, with emphasis on safety management, specifically in the transportation of dangerous goods.

    Focus on technological innovations and training to improve driver skills and reduce the risk and mitigate risks focusing on behavioural based safety. Stellar Transport vehicles are fitted with hands free cellular phones fitted in the cab permanently. The drivers can be contacted at any time, day or night. In addition to the hands free kits, satellite tracking and camera units are also fitted in each vehicle. This system assists in tracking the vehicles and is used extensively as a management tool to facilitate control and delivery efficiencies. This does not take away the human interaction.


    Stellar Transport is 51% black-owned, as well as 30.61% by black women owned.
    Our BBBEE Certificate can be presented on to our customers on request

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AEL Mining Services Hauler of the year 2013
CAIA Responsible Care Hauler of the year 2015
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Sasol Haulier for outstanding service and support in the year 2017

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